to Smart Campus

a Framework for Smart Cities Proposals by

Michele Angelaccio,

University of Rome TV

Smart Campus Crowd Map

 La verità non sta in un solo sogno ma in molti sogni.

© background photo by A. Perrone 


Smart Campus is an e-infrastucture for project planning and proposals
...built in a virtual way on the Engineering Campus of Tor Vergata

Smart Campus Model

Map-Based-compliant with H2020 SCC and other Topics useful to host different project demonstrator in a flexible way

Smart Campus Example:Tourism smart Info Centre

SMART MAP Definition

Map Engine with Layers of Services
Rich Internet Applications for Dynamic Visualization of SC solutions effects in different contexts
Back-end SOA for agile project management tuned with H2020 calendar and possible activities


SENSOR NETWORKS: info-localization SENSORS, ip-cam network, etc.
WEB ARCHITECTURE RIA-based Smart Map View with dynamic html5 interface View Model tuned with Data Layer Smart Service Data Layer


Virtual Campus defined upon Tor vergata Engineering Campus
agile development, focused on events : Horizon2020-SCC demonstrators and meetings events.

Smart Campus Registration

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